the creation


The Creation

prague cocks, lions, panthers

We start with a legendary picture from the summer of 1991 which is one of the oldest pictures in club's history.

On 10th of November 1990 an exhibition game between German Noris Rams and Bamberg Bears was held at Prague - Hostivar, where local spectators Martin Voboril, Libor Komarek, Mario Bukovcan and more got an idea to organize a first practice session. That practice was held at Prague - Letna under a grouping called Prague Lions. However shortly after the beginning of the Prague Lions, came disagreements about the functioning of the club. Prague Lions divide into three clubs: Cocks (L. Komarek),  Panthers (L. Sidlo) and Lions (M. Voboril)

This photograph was taken at the Prague Cocks camp in the summer of 1991. The camp was held at a elementary school soccer field in Prague - Bohnice.

In the spring of 1992 Prague Cocks and Prague Panthers decide to join their force in a quest to conquer Europe, now under a new name -Prague Panthers

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prague panthers

The Prague Panthers, founded in 1992 are historically the most succesful american football club in Czech Republic. Five years after it's foundation the Panthers formed a B team and a junior team for young players aging from 15 to 19 years old. Panthers and Czech Association of American Football which they co-founded, started promoting a non-contact version of gridiron - flag footbal.

The Panthers have a 2009 EFAF Cup championship and 12 Czech Championship titles under their belts. In the Austrian AFL the Panthers have ranked 5th three years in a row. Many of the Panthers' players are crucial parts of the Czech National Team.


the new challenge


The new challenge

prague black hawks

The Prague Black Hawks, founded in the year 2010 after a separation of the player core and realization team from a differnt club based in Prague, they have made this decicion based on a disagreement regarding the club's future doings and objectives going forward. In their inaugural season as a club, the Black Hawks made it all the way to the Czech Championship game, where they came in second. In their second season they made it back to the Czech Championship game where they unexpectadly defeated the Panthers to win the championship. They won the title again in the next season to become a two-time Czech Champion. Players of the Black Hawks were also an important part of the Czech National Team.




The Present

prague black panthers

2013 - Czech Bowl XX Champions
2014 - Czech Bowl XXI Champions
2015 - Czech Bowl XXII Champions
2016 - Czech Bowl XXIII Champions
2017 - Czech Bowl XXIV Champions
2018 - Czech Bowl XXV Champions

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